Living your best life…. 1

I am sure that all of us want to live our best life. We only get one shot at this particular existence and so we owe it to ourselves and to those with whom we share our life to ensure it is the very best version we can make it.

But what does living our best life really mean?

Well, I don’t know for sure. I presume that it means different things to different people. Have you thought about it? What would you consider be living your best life?

Perhaps to help you to guage your response, you could imagine you are the end of your life… and this could be tomorrow, rather than when you are aged 100 or so.
So if tomorrow you realised that you had not too long left in this life, how do you think you would be remembered? And is that how you would like to be remembered?

As you look back over your life (so far) what are the moments that shine forth for you?

If you only had a little time left, have you done all you would like to? Have you made peace with all those you let go? Do those around you whom you love, know you love them?

What is your best life? What are the things that make it your best life?

I would really like to know what you feel about this? Leave me a comment and maybe we will take this further…..

The Butterfly. Symbol of transformation… he has to ensure he lives his best life as he only has a day to do so!

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One thought on “Living your best life…. 1”

  1. Hiya
    That's very thought provoking – and true of course…
    I always think of the statement we have up in the kitchen – 'Life is a daring adventure or nothing !' and as you say, you only get one chance at life – it's not a dress rehearsal – every opportunity should be seized upon and enjoyed – I'd hate to end my life saying 'I wish I'd done that' – we should all be fulfilled in our hopes, dreams and aspirations.
    The answer to a question should be 'YES' – unless there's a good reason for 'no' – as you know, that's my philosophy…
    You've always stated to me “You'd go to the opening of an envelope” – yes that's true, and by doing so, I've made many friends and have made my way through life, and more recently in business.
    We have a lovely family, and again, we should help those members fulfill their dreams – Roisin took her first solo run to the cinema, Carla bought her lovely car, Mia's turned out to be an 'Ace Blogger' – to name but a few things in their lives.
    All our family have great friends,lifelong friends – even the youngest members – that to me is one of life's greatest pleasures, and it's lovely to know you've people to call on in need
    Our family is happy, we live peacefully – let's keep fulfilling our dreams – 'NO' shouldn't be the answer – let's end our lives fulfilled, both emotionally and physically.
    – you're a great partner through life, full of energy and ideas…keep it up !
    Paul x x x

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