A Walk Round Vartry Lakes, Wicklow

It was a gorgeous warm, sunny and still day. The lake reflecting the sky perfectly.

Our picnic ended being a stand up and run around affair for the girls who were terrorised by wasps! Silly women!

Dylan is not the most enthusiastic swimmer on the planet. He prefers a paddle. And who says animals do not have expressions. He is clearly saying “I am trying to bloody fetch it, but it has sunk and I hate getting my bloody face wet!”

As long as we can see the Sugar Loaf we know we are not far from home!

Heading over the reservoir and back to the car

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3 thoughts on “A Walk Round Vartry Lakes, Wicklow”

  1. What lovely photos – I love the reflections of the sky in the water and Dylans face is a picture in itself! 🙂

    Thanks for letting us enjoy your walk too!

  2. The photos are brilliant and you'd never think it was nearly September. The countryside still looks fresh and green which is one of the benefits of a wettish warm summer. You all look as if you are having a great time.

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