Spiritual Chaos

When I began this blog, about 9 months ago, my focus was to share ways of finding some inner peace and calm amidst the chaos of family life with young kids and husband and animals etc. My first posts outlined a little of my own inner journey. Then I got distracted by other things that life presented me with, things I felt I wanted to share with my new virtual world. And so I have posted about family, pets (Dylan seems to feature a lot), GAA (my dad would be so pleased) and holidays (with gratitude). Occasionally I wander back to tending to my spirit by writing about something a little deeper. So I suppose what I am trying to say is that I have not really stuck to my own brief – I have meandered around my life over the last months. But that is OK – because that is how life is, particularly if you have children.

I am now learning that my spiritual life and my search for inner peace and meaning must exist right in the very centre of all the other more mundane day to day bits of living. It does not really work if my inner life is known only to me and is something that I only ‘indulge’ in when alone and in secret. So I tell my kids (and to their embarrassment, their friends) and my own friends to talk to the angels, to hand over worries to God, to meditate, to ask for help and to always focus on the positive and the good in life. I have an angel in every single room of the house – not always obvious – but they are there. I have a smaller population of prayerful buddhas (as oppose to the fat laughing one) which serve to remind us of the need for reverence and stillness in our lives. And these reminders are very important to me because I have found that once a problem hits, I revert back to my old ways of dealing with it – worrying, desperately trying to reassert control and anger. My spiritual prompts remind me that all is well, that I am not alone and that help is available if I remember to ask for it.

What about you? Is your spiritual life important to you? Is it something you hide away or not something that you feel drawn to in any way?

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6 thoughts on “Spiritual Chaos”

  1. Firstly can I say I love the quote above from Heraclitus; so true! My favourite times are when I'm lost in something and not thinking like an adult.

    Spirituality is not something I'm as comfortable talking about as you are. For me it is something private and something I draw on when times are hard. I've never understood churches and public celebrations of something so internal. But I know that makes me odd!

  2. My spiritual life, is me. It is where it all stems from, it is the starting place, the rest of my life radiates out from that point. It is the still centre at the hub of the wheel of my life.

    I have a vast collection of buddhas too – (the same type as yours) and they act as reminders to look inside, because that's where it all stems from, and I figure if you are at peace there and in touch with your spiritual self, you have a strong and solid base for everything else in life too.

    Nice post 🙂

  3. Hiya Niamh and thanks for the comment. You always bring a fresh and different perspective. I guess being openly spiritual is something probably fairly natural to Irish people considering our history etc. As someone whose spirituality is not really bound to any church it is interesting to realise that. Thanks for your insight. The public/private side of spirituality might be something to explore further!!

    Susannah… I guess, like you, if I begin to feel disconnected from my deepest self, my spiritual self I start to feel disconnected from life. Like you I find that by constantly nurturing my spirituality I just cope better and definitely enjoy life more. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Barbara, A lovely post reminding us of the all important spiritual side of life. When we consider that our spiritual essence constitutes more than 99% of our being and our body … is only a tiny speck, it makes sense to be reminded of what we are in essence… a spiritual being having an Earth experience. You have a beautiful and 'very big' spirit Barbara … every time you write … your spirit is expressing itself through words. I love to see you and your fellow bloggers expressing your individual and unique spiritual essence through this medium. All your writings are an expression of who you are. Keep writing Barbara, especially about everyday life and experiences … they are great and interesting … your spirit paints a wonderful picture of your world! Blessings Jan xxx

  5. Food for thought:'to go swimming one takes off one's clothes: to pursue the truth one must take one's time in a much more inward sense, divesting oneself of a much more inward attire of thoughts, ideas, selfishness and the like, before one is naked enough.' Soren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855). Love Siobhan x.

  6. I too love angels and have them throughout the house. Organized religion lost its allure for me decades ago. Still, I believe myself to be a spiritual person. Spirituality is innate in the Irish psyche. A work in constant progress. Always learning, always discovering. Looked up that author you suggested and got three of his books, thank you and Namaste

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