My Word Songs

Well, as you can see my blog has undergone a bit of a face-lift. (Imagine if it were that easy?)

Anyway Welcome to (the renamed) Seeking Serenity Blog. Nothing much else has changed. The content will be the usual mix of family life and my constant search for inner peace and the meaning of life amid all the chaos!

But I have also now created another blog – MY WORD SONGS, which will “showcase my fabulous writing talent”….. which is another way of saying will be a chance for me to test drive bits and pieces of writing on the journey to finding out whether I can write at all! The first post is up and is entitled ‘Ben’s Big Adventure’. Pop on over and have a read…. and of course let me know what you think. Honestly!

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Writing and Talking.... on the radio, on the telly and in the papers.

6 thoughts on “My Word Songs”

  1. Thank you S. I agree. Got a bit tired of the busyness of the old look. Its great craic trying to change things with constant traffic past the lap top, saying “ah, where's the lovely pattern yoke gone?” and “its a bit bare and stark isnt it?” A quick shout and they all retired to watch “I'm a celebrity” and I got peace!

  2. You have changed colour again since yesterday!

    What is this, some blog/chameleon hybrid subject to the vagaries of passing swimming pools!?? lol

    It is so windy here, I wouldn't be suprised what blew by! 😉

  3. Just realised my last comment might one of those things that is only funny to the poor 'wind crazed' blogger who wrote it – me 🙂

    Sorry about that. lol

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