Presumably when the wind blows from a certain direction, aircraft heading to Dublin Airport are directed to a different approach or runway to that which they normally use. So most of the time, we are blissfully unaware of the comings and goings of the jets. But reasonably regularly the wind goes around the other way and so do the airplanes. This alternative route takes them right overhead our house. Yep directly overhead.

Now, we live, I suppose about 12 miles from Dublin Airport but by Jove (as my Grandad used to say – who is Jove?) sometimes I really feel that these aircraft are coming in for a landing in our back garden.

Tonight is such a night. And it is a busy night at the Airport. Every five or ten minutes my literary efforts are punctuated by the roar of jet engines overhead. It’s not a sound that grates in the way a car or house alarm would. But it is so powerful that it always, just for a nano second, conjures up possible imminent disaster in our garden. Just fleetingly I wonder if I could tell if a pilot had got things wrong and in fact was bringing in his airplane too low. What if what I was hearing was the roar of a doomed jet.

So I eventually give up on writing anything worthwhile and turn over to sleep. My dreams are then full of slow motion crashes in the field just beyond the garden hedge. And then I wake up in the morning, feeling guilty. I should have known that the plane sounded wrong. I should have been able to avert disaster.

The result of all this is that I spend the day with a vague feeling of unease and flashbacks of something that didn’t happen. And I go to bed hoping that the wind has turned again, taking those bloody jet aircraft with it!

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  1. We sometimes get the REALLY low flying military aircraft flying over our house – they are SO low and fast and noisy that they always scare the s*** out of me and all the birds outside! lol

    Dreams that linger and affect the day – I really don't like those, it happens to me sometimes.

    You asked “who was Jove” (I am sure you really want to know!lol) in roman mythology Jupiter or Jove was the king of the gods – more info here –

  2. We have a helicopter that makes a nightly round overhead. I still think it is heading straight for the house, holding my breath until I hear the whirling recede into the distance. Very unnerving.

    Lingering dreams with lingering anxious feeling of something exciting or about to happen are a regular experience too. Wow! I must not be that odd after all! 🙂

  3. I live about 10 minutes from Cork airport. Usually, that's fine, as the jets take a different route, but just like you, it can vary from time to time. It can be kind of scary, when you hear a jet roaring above the apartment!
    Dreams that linger; great when they are good dreams, not so much otherwise:)

  4. Thanks all once again.
    @susannah – thanks particularly for enlightening me about who Jove was. Mother was scandalised that I had no idea that Jove was Jupiter. So thanks for that. My Grandad was the last person you would ever think would interested in Roman Mythology! Wonder if he knew who this Jove was!

    @ann – the dream thing means we both mad! Thats fine!

    Although I am sure you agree with @oliveobrien that dreams that linger are great when they are nice dreams!!

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