Ta – Dah. I hereby officially launch the Laid Back Literary Ladies Society.

The Laid Back Literary Ladies was inspired by listening to one of my favourite writers, Alexander McCall Smith who spoke about how his books almost write themselves with little need for editing. Sandy (as he likes to be called) said that once he learnt to plug into his subconscious mind, the words just flowed, easily. And as he was parting with this wonderful wisdom he was sitting so far back in his chair, I feared he might fall off.

I definitely think that as writers we need to be laid back and write from the heart. And I know I am not alone in thinking this. So prupose of the Laid Back Literary Ladies Society is to remind us of just three simple tenets:

We must always be relaxed and grounded when writing.

In keeping with some of the greatest Irish writers, we should remember to immerse themselves in the rythms and colours of real life, which is the source of all inspiration.

Finally, we will always write from the heart!

The inaugral honourary members are:

Barbara Scully,
Brigid at Sort of Witty (Brigid was instrumental in the genesis of this idea)
Beth at Hell or High Water
Susannah at Joy Frequencies
Dawn Maria at Method to the Madness
Alison at Head Above Water
Jane at Jane Obsessed with Jane
Ann at Inkpots and Quills

So Laid Back Literary Ladies, I urge you to take your badge and place it on your own blog where you will be reminded to be relaxed and true to your heart! Feel free to pass this badge on to others who wish to join our Society. And leave a comment so we can add their names to this role of honour!

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10 thoughts on “I WRITE FROM MY HEART”

  1. Hi Barbara, Beautifully put and I totally agree,
    I think 'the readers' can tell when we are faking it,
    My inspiration is the great characters at the heart of Irish literature, Brendan Behan and Paddy Kavanagh and all those guys who probably wrote on the back of a cigarette packet.
    May we follow in their example,
    Love the logo and will definitely be sending it on to others.
    Just a wee suggetion, should you not send an honorary members badge to Alex who was your inspiration,
    Your fellow LBLC member and thanks for liking my mothers day piece and picking up on my anti-consumerism tone

  2. Oh what a lovely badge! So very pretty. I am delighted to be listed amongst these auspicious writers. I am taking my badge now, wish I had this reminder when I woke at 3:30AM unable to sleep and tried to write! What did I accomplish..NADA!

    Thank you for this reminder Barbara.

  3. Well done on the lovely badge, Barbara! Mine is now installed, courtesy of my occasionally useful husband. 🙂

    Good luck with the laid-back writing, everyone.

  4. Hello fellows of the LBLS. Glad u all liked the badge – like Jane my occasionally useful OH sorted it! And thanks Brigid for the suggestion of contacting Alex MCCall Smith. I did already and told him all about us and sent him a copy of our badge!!!
    Aren't we a lovely society altogether!

  5. I think this is a great idea. I can get very up tight about my writing and would dearly love to find a way to more easily reach that blissful point where the the right words just pour out, like cream from a jug. So I will be taking your (and Sandy's) very good advice and will try to be a more laid back literary lady (not sure I am a lady though…)

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