One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…..

Many thanks to my online pals, Ann at Inkpots and Quills and Hot Cross Mum herself Hazel, for passing this challenge on to me! The deal is that I have to list 6 untruths and 1 half truth about myself. So here goes: which of these things is not like the other?

I am a fish lover. I love to eat anything that comes from the sea (well except Dolphins I suppose). I cook fish many times per week and everyone in this house has a huge IQ as a result!

My husband has a mistress – one whom he openly flaunts and massages in the front garden with alarming regularity.

World renowned author, Alexander McCall Smith, of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency fame is an honorary member of our Laid Back Literary Ladies Society.

I have the most wonderful long and sexy legs and like nothing better than tottering about on vertiginous high heels – especially my black FMB’s.

I am a sports fanatic. I love all football – rugby and GAA especially. I play for my local GAA team and have season ticket to Croke Park. I run 4 miles every day, before the kids get up.

I hate cats. I especially hate it when I go into someone’s home and there is a big cat sitting on their dining table. How awful. And dangerous – don’t they carry all kinds of diseases?

So – which is half true? It’s over to you.

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11 thoughts on “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…..”

  1. Barbara, I want to believe you about the boots but am teetering towards the cats one, I would definitely say you love cats but you don't like them on the dining table, eeugh, totally agree.
    But the half truth one has to be your husband's mistress, he has one but SHE is a car.

  2. Yes, Barbara, but he is a very artistic cat, there for decor, he is not sitting on a roast beef and roast potato dinner and he is beautiful and clean looking, no hint of an infectious disease.
    Well, I think it's a he, or is it a she?

  3. OMG Hazel (HCM)U promised u wud never tell anyone abt the dolphin episode. Thanks a lot.. but u r wrong.

    Brigid… you are funny. That bloody cat (girl called Tiger) just loves to sit and sleep on my kitchen table..and I am such a slut I just let her most of the time! And its not OH's mistress either.

    Susannah – easy known we have never met in person. I am no sports fanatic and it shows – everywhere! So no banana for u either!

  4. Your blog hates me. Second attempt at posting, again… Sigh.

    Ok, I have found from reading other people's untruths/half-truths that the half-truths are usually the most outlandish sounding.

    So, on that sound basis, I think the answer is your husband and his mistress!

  5. Well I'm sadly aware you don't worship at the Altar of Sport but you do follow your daughter's team – pics from your old blog! Is that the half?! Online expose!

  6. Barbara, I really know the answer and its the one about your long legs and the half truth is that the FMBs that you wear constantly are not black but red!!

  7. Ha Ha. The prize for the best answer goes to Ritz… and how I wish that that was the half truth… but alas no.

    Niamh – yeah I do follow my daughters basketball and GAA matches… but don't think that even qualifies as a half truth.

    And Brigid and Jane – my husband has a car he loves but don't think she really qualifies as a mistress either!

    My half truth – which no one got – is that Alexander McCall Smith is kindof an Honorary Member of the Laid Back Literary Ladies. HA HA. I sent an email to him and his PA replied that “he would love to be an honorary member of the LBLL”… so I think that that qualifies as half true!!!

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