I have just realised that I am much luckier in the blogosphere than I am in real life! In real life, I never win anything. I won £5 on the Lotto in 1987 but nothing since, until I started blogging that is. A couple of weeks ago that nice young man, Donal Skehan over at The Good Mood Food Blog sent me a lovely book of Healthy Heart Cooking by Sally Bee; my prize for winning a competition on his Facebook page.

And now I hear that because I was the 100th follower of Karen Jones Gowen’s blog Coming Down the Mountain: From Reclusive Writer to Published Author, there is another book winging its way to me, this time from the USA. Karen’s second book (respect sister writer) is called Uncut Diamonds. She describes it as a 350 page novel, a mix of chick lit and women’s fiction. It’s Steel Magnolias with Mormon characters, following the lives of two sisters, one married one single, set in rural Illinois during the 1970’s. Well being a child of the 70s myself and a HUGE fan of Donny Osmond, that sounds just great! You can buy (sorry) your own copy from her website!

So it is a nice balance to also let you know about another book project. Gareth Pearce is a good guy who is putting together a book of stories to raise money for Concern’s work in Haiti. Gareth says that ‘we Irish all have at least one good true story to tell – whether it be funny, sad, poignant, surprising…’ So if you have a story which might fit the bill send it to Gareth at For more information see

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6 thoughts on “SOME RANDOM BOOK NEWS!”

  1. Hi Barbara, Congratulations on the book win from me, the 99th follower, no sour grapes or anything as long as I can borrow the book.
    You are on a roll, keep entering, I put up a link to the Haiti Book site as well.
    You are not a Virgo are you, because I am and today Virgo is supposed to have amazing luck, so far nada, but there's a few hours left.

  2. Congratulations on your win Barbara. I am half way thru Karen's book. I am sure you will enjoy it. I won a book last week. Life is grand in blogland. 🙂

  3. Thanks guys… its the little things that really can cheer u up on a grey day.. and I just love getting books through the post!

    Ann did you notice the bit abt the Irish stories for Haiti.. you might have something suitable, bein a big culchie!!! Closing date is 31 March I think!

  4. what a surprise as I'm scrolling through my dashboard this morning to see the Uncut Diamonds cover flashing out at me. That was kind of cool. And yes, I am with you on how fun it is to win books! I've won several and it is such a thrill to find that book in the mail box. I usually tear off the wrapping like it's Christmas Day and read it that night!

    Interesting thing as I see your kitchen table photo– The original draft of Uncut Diamonds was titled “Writings from the Table.”

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