Writing Honestly

My previous post has just set a new From My Kitchen Table record for the number of comments! Hurray! Like most bloggers, I often wonder what it is that prompts readers to leave a comment on some posts and not on others.

My last post, A New View From My Kitchen Table was not a particularly easy one to write. I felt it was more personal and more seeringly honest than my usual commentary or funny anecdote type offerings. I was unsure if it was appropriate to indulge myself in a little soul searching, afraid that it might come across as self absorbed and boring. It’s not easy to admit, either in person or virtually, that all is not great in your world at the moment! But, you, the readers assured me, by virtue of your comments that you prefer to read honestly written posts.

It is very easy when blogging to create your perfect persona. The person you would really like to be, living your ideal life. The ‘here I am – happy mom and writer and wife, occasionally just getting a small big bit bogged down in my domestically blessed out life but generally happy as a sandboy.’ You have let me know that you want to read about the real me, living my real life, warts and all and I want to say thank you for that.

That said, I promise I will try to only pen misery posts when absolutely necessary!


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9 thoughts on “Writing Honestly”

  1. Just read your last post and can see why is truck a chord with so many. You're spot on – it's easy to create the image of perfection, but actually, we love to read about the imperffections, because it's that which we can all relate to. Here's to a 'new' view from your kitchen table – we'll laugh and cry with you along the way!

  2. I've been thinking about copying Karen Walker and doing a Monday Musings, where I do this sort of thing. Definitely a departure from my usual type posts that are all writing-oriented. One day a week should be safe lol!

  3. Hi B, We all probably set up blogs in the first place to communicate with others and try to make sense of this confusing and wonderful world we live in, I do notice if I write sad posts I get a very supportive reaction. I kind of do a mixture of poignant and funny depending on how I feel on the day and find it very therapeutic to write it down. Your honesty came through yesterday and it resonated with all of us.

  4. I haven't yet read your previous post, but I've had a similar experience. The posts where I reveal more than I think I should wind up being the ones that garner the most responses. Our best writing is when we are ourselves rather than who we think we need to be.

  5. Well I for one love to read the warts and all posts (not that I'm wishing any warts on you of course!). It's refreshing to read a straight from the heart, honest account of how someone is feeling rather than always hearing how wonderful everyone's life is. It makes us realise that it's good to admit we're not perfect and it's okay to moan sometimes. I'm so enjoying your posts, Barbara. Keep it up and make that kitchen table a sunny place again. Maria x

  6. We all have warts and pimples Barbara. Some of us are brave enough to expose them sometimes and some of us are not. You are brave and people reacted to your bravery. Well done.

  7. Hello Barbara 🙂

    I think people respond to anything that 'has heart' when we tell our truths and share our emotions others recognise it as real and it touches something universal in us all, we identify with it.

    We can admire clever words and skillfull writing but sometimes the most powerful stuff is the writing that is infused with 'us', without any masks or mirrors, I am sure others can feel it.

    Nice post, I really enjoyed it and I love your new profile pic too. 🙂


  8. Hi Barbara, I loved both posts. I think that when we portray the perfect picture of ourselves: the only one we are fooling is ourself. There are good times and bad times for all of us. Of course we should celebrate what's good: but it is by admitting what is not, that we realize how much love and support there is out there for us. My love to you, x.

  9. One of the things I love about blogging is that it helps me be authentic with my words. This benefits me personally and has a positive effect on my fiction. On my blog, I have a clear voice and style that evolved over a few months (I'm two years into it now), but it's still me. I don't think readers are ever turned off by honesty, but negativity is a buzz-kill and there's a big difference between the two.

    It always amazes me which blogs strike a cord with readers. Sometimes the ones I feel a rushed through become the more popular ones.

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