Regular readers will know that I do not regularly post book reviews From My Kitchen Table. In fact I have only ever reviewed one other book, Uncut Diamonds by Karen Jones Gowen. You can read that review here.
But I have just finished one of the very best books I have ever had the sublime pleasure of reading. A book which will now definitely be on my Best Reads Ever list (which actually is not that long).

Mr Rosenblum’s List (or Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring Englishman) by Natasha Solomons is quite simply a wonderfully warm, witty and engaging read. It comes very close to being my ideal book – full of vividly drawn, vulnerable, eccentric and charming characters (not an axe murderer among them). This is a book to lose oneself in. Solomons manages to create a world so real that you will find yourself totally immersed in it while reading. Along with immensely likeable characters, Ms Solomons beautiful and evocative descriptions of rural Dorset are liberally sprinkled with ancient myth and lore and a deep love and reverence for Mother Nature.

Mr Rosenblum’s List was one of those rare reads – a book I hated finishing. If you prefer to be entertained and uplifted rather than educated or challenged by a book – this one is for you!

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13 thoughts on “Book Review – MR ROSENBLUM’S LIST”

  1. Thanks for alerting us to this rare thing, a book that's for enjoying. I'm so fed up of reading books that are full of horror and violence, not to mention axe murderers. Can't wait to read it.

  2. Hi Mason, thanks for dropping in to my kitchen table. And yep it would definitely be a great summer read… or winter.. or autumn… or spring!
    Blase – welcome to the kitchen table. I visited your blog briefly but got scared and ran home! not sure if you would enjoy this book but it would definitely take you to a peaceful and gentle place!! Hope you pop by again!
    Niamh: yep, sticking my neck out by saying one of the best ever, but it was. The kind of book I would love to write. Quirky and offbeat and well written.
    Rosalind – hello! and do let me know what you think when you do read it!
    Hey Susannah: ditto. Hope all is well in your world. Still miss your bus posts!

  3. Hi Barbara, that sounds exactly like my type of book. Hope to see you tomorrow at our coffee meeting if I have survived my killer heels for tonight.

  4. Thanks so much Barbara — I'm so touched that you loved 'Mr R'. It's the most amazing feeling when someone connects with my story. It's why writers write. Thank you.



  5. Hi, Barbara. Thanks for leaving such a wonderful comment on my clothesline post yesterday! I would love to live in Ireland where I could hang out my clothes. So would my daughter like to live there, because it's the land of the green, her favorite color, though we do have green here in Virginia country.

    Have a great Monday…

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen – our Brigid is off today to RTE as her story was shortlisted for the prestigious Francis McManus award! Good luck Brigid… and thanks for the comment. See u manana!

    Hello Natasha and thanks for visiting my Kitchen Table! Hope you are writing the next book now!

    Hi Ann – you have no idea how many coffee mornings here are punctuated by women exclaiming “oh no, its raining and I have 2 loads of washing out”. But yeah think you and your daughter would like it here… if you dont mind the damp!

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