One of my favourite expressions comes directly from the Irish is La Bog (pronounced bug) which means soft day. It is a phrase I first heard used in the Kerry Gaeltacht (Irish speaking area). It describes perfectly the weather here today. It’s not raining exactly but there is a fine, constant damp mist. The sky is grey and low but the dampness does soften edges and make colours shine. La bog ceart go leor!

On days when I am not feeling quite so poetic, soft days are known as frizzy hair days!

Photo : Tiger being the elder lemon of the cats is well used to soft days. And I, being the eternal optimist have the sun lounger ready for the return of the sun!

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11 thoughts on “SOFT DAY”

  1. Thats funny, its all the way you look at it isnt it! Glad your having a la bog and not a frizzy hair day! After walking the dog through this warm damp morning, I have to say I'm falling on the side of loving soft days too. Have a great one!

  2. This is our first visit here and it is a very nice blog. We especially think that the kitty is very pretty. We love calico cats and in general just love cats. Course we have lots of other animals too.
    Nice to meet you. Have a great day.

  3. Lovely photo, Barbara, it wasnt so 'la bog' over at tesco a few minutes ago.
    The sun is due back on Thursday, sun loungers to the ready.

  4. I love that kind of weather! We're having a day like that right now. Well, a dawn. I'd love it if it stayed throughout the day just like this. So misty and soft.

  5. Hi Niamh and yeah there is nothing like a dog to walk to make you appreciate all weathers. As long as you are dressed for it!
    Hi A – glad you like the photo.
    Hi Marg – and welcome to my kitchen table. You are in the right place if you like cats – I have 4, but Tiger (in photo) is the prettiest!
    Hi Brigid – you like photo too… ta!
    Hi Karen – misty and soft – the kind of rain you feel is good for your skin! Probably not – but it feels that way!

  6. One of the mornings I was there was a soft day. I kept waiting for it to rain, but it never did. And then the sun came out. Normally, I'm not poetic (like you) and always think of them as frizzy hair days!

  7. Many days like that to come I'm sure. Though walking in soft rain is tricky – you need a coat but not too heavy cause it's never as cold as it looks.

  8. I also learned the term 'La Bog' but my experience was different in two respects. I came across the phrase when footing turf during a wet summer in the early sixties in the Connemara Gaeltacht. The rain was sleeting horizontally into our makeshift lean-to where we sheltering from the rain shower that had started the previous Monday. I always felt there was a tone of irony to 'La Bog' ever since.
    That aside I enjoyed your piece – as always. P.

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