I am so pleased. The Irish Times have published a short feature by moi today! The piece is in the form of a letter I wrote to my eldest daughter when she was doing her Leaving Cert a couple of years ago. You can read it here:

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15 thoughts on “THE IRISH TIMES”

  1. Congratulations, Barbara, I just read your piece.
    It is wonderful and it should be given to every child starting their exams today,
    so proud of you, WELL DONE,
    it is a beautiful piece.

  2. Congrats Barbara! I found the piece through Brigids blog. Its a lovely letter. I can remember so well the stress of the leaving cert – “the rest of your life depends on these next few weeks!” It didnt of course! I loved the last line about the mountain.

  3. So proud of you Mom! Keep up the good work. I am so lucky – somehow you managed to keep my head on my shoulders. Wish every child had someone with such a strong influence to look upto, guide, love and support them like you have with me.

    I doubt it was easy!

  4. Thanks Carla – have emailed you!

    Thanks also Ellen and I would hate for anyone to think we were The Waltons… Carla is now 22 and is all the things I knew she would be, but along the way were plenty of tears, shouting, hating and all the usual teenage stuff! and I have two more about to enter the same crazy years!!! But thanks to Carla being my prototype I think I will manage better this time!

  5. We were delighted in Creative Writing Class today to learn that our star pupil had gained the ultimate recognition, albeit belatedly (better late than never). I made the mistake of mentioning the article to a neighbour who 'borrowed' the paper and now I am Irish Timesless – a frightening condition for any literate person.I wonder, in Barbara from Blackrock could we be looking at the Tweenies answer to Maeve Binchy from Dalkey…who knows?

  6. A hearty congratulations Barbara. I only now got to read your article. Plagued with computer woes again. But enough about me! Your article is wonderful. You are well on your way!!! Not at all surprising.

  7. Hi Padraic – thanks for the nice comment. I am presuming by tweenies – you are refering to the 2000's and not the kids cartoon programme – or maybe you are! lol

    Olive and Ann – thanks very much too!

  8. Hi Barbara, by Tweenies I refer to the years 2010 to 2019. Nothing has been decided yet. My personal preference is for the 'Teens' but that is too obvious to be chosen, I suppose. Anyway I am suggesting this could be your decade ahead of retiring to that Terroir in the South of France, growing your own grapes, drinking your own wine and making us all very jealous..

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