Well Hello… it sure feels like ages since I have spent any time at my own Kitchen Table.

Summer time and all routine has more or less vanished out the window. The days seem to take on a shape of their own each morning. Each one different. My youngest two are getting older and so whereas my summer days used to be filled with making picnics to take the local park or to Glenroe Farm in Wicklow, this summer it seems they have often made their own plans with friends and I am required to drop and collect with great regularity.

Added to that, the normal chaos of life in this house, including another mouse incident, just like the one I reported here. Although this time there were four of us surrounding this mouse for an hour last night. I sometimes wish we weren’t all so fond of animals. Because trying to catch a terrified baby mouse who is hiding under a very heavy chest of drawers is exhausting. Anyway – mouse was finally caught and ejected gently from the house. It is the cat who is in mortal danger now! My oven also blew up – nothing to do with the mouse I might add – but I won’t bore you with the details.

We spent a lovely week in Kilkenny at Croan Cottages (would highly recommend them for a break in the countryside) where we shared our days with cows, pigs, sheep, goats, millions of rabbits, peacocks and hens (don’t think I have left anyone out).

As I write this, the sky is grey and the temperature has dropped. I am really hoping the fine weather will return in August so that we can again eat dinner in the garden and spend some time worshipping Father Sun! Although yesterday on the top deck of the bus into the city with Mia we passed a Chestnut Tree heavy with green spiky baby chestnuts and I am sure that last evening I could smell just a hint of autumn. It’s just around the corner – but I, for one, am not done with summer yet!

I am off now to whizz around my favourite blogs! I have missed visiting and have been spending too long twittering away!

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5 thoughts on “LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER”

  1. Well at least I have seen you on twitter if not on my blog lol! This post reminds me of time passing *sigh* and children growing *sigh* and my rapidly approaching empty nest, which you think you are ready for until it hits.

  2. Hi B, the summer is flying, isnt it?
    Lovely to see you back in the blogosphere, yes, I too have become a taxi service but armed with my netbook, I almost look forward to sitting in my car.
    I'm off to Kerry without internet access for two weeks so I am going to bring some of my magpie story ideas with me and see if I can turn them into proper length short stories. Thanks for your really encouraging comments by the way.
    Take care Bx

  3. You have just reminded me of the 'mouse incident' last autumn, when my cats became suspiciously fascinated with a kitchen cupboard that holds saucepans. Not usually their thing, but we discovered Brambly Hedge had moved in so had to take action! Funnily enough I thought I smelt autumn the other day – it's my favourite season, but I want summer to continue for a bit longer yet. 🙂

  4. I wouldn't mind a little sun in August either. I think we were spoiled in June and soon enough I didn't take full advantage of it. Fingers crossed it will be picnic and beach weather in the near future.

  5. Congrats Barbara on arriving, again, at that point when the kids are happier doing their own thing than joining us on holidays. Just think, in a few years you will be old enough to attend summer school! In the meantime, like you, we are rediscovering the beauty of Ireland which lies on our doorstep. Don't give up on Summer yet, August will yield more languid lazy days!! Good luck with the Mouse Hunting!

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