Thanks to my friend Duane in Michigan, here is the link to my interview yesterday on East Coast Radio – in case you want to listen to me waffle on about various things which included back to school, twitter and the Rose of Traleem (didn’t Daithi look great last night)!

The Morning Programme – East Coast Radio Interview

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Writing and Talking.... on the radio, on the telly and in the papers.

10 thoughts on “RADIO INTERVIEW”

  1. I loved you on the radio yesterday! Truly amazing! I admire your writing! I'm sorry I couldn't tell you that on twitter! It's hard to fit everythinhg in 140 letters!Anyways, Great interveiw!

  2. Just listened, and it was entertaining! I totally identified with what you said about school, summer and back to school. That mid August change where mom is DONE now. “loose routine becomes no routine.” Haha, brilliant!

  3. Barbara, you sounded great! Another career opens up! I was at the Merriman School in Ennis last week and got to listen to real live poets! Its so much more interesting than reading the poems to yourself. Time you started reading your blogs…

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