As I write it is a grey day with the rain bucketing down. And there is a chill in the air. Altogether not a bright Monday. But I came across these few photos by Paul which I thought I would share with you.

They are of our estate’s garden which up to this year was a lawn with some trees. This spring we decided to use the skills of a newly qualified landscape architect who suggested planting a native wildflower garden. This was the result in summer. Isn’t it just beautiful and most unusual at the entrance to a residential estate. I thought it was particularly wonderful on a breezy day when the flowers all nodded their heads at us and the air was full of hovering bees and butterflies.

Luke Byrne was the designer and planter – beautiful job.


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  1. A picture paints a thousand words… What a lovely scene. And it is so natural! Well done Luke!

  2. Gorgeous pics Barbara and especialy beautiful on a day like today!!

  3. An award awaits you at Inkpots n' Quills. Stop by and pick it up.

  4. That is a gorgeous garden, what a lovely view! And congrats on the award 🙂 I just popped over from Ann's


  5. Well done Luke it looks terrific! Big future ahead of you!

  6. Beautiful pictures Barbara, it looks like it's in the middle of the country:)

  7. I am very jealous of your wild flower garden. Especially as I tried to do a meadow this year and got a lot of beautiful grasses and a lot of ugly weeds.

  8. Lovely photos – its so unusual to have a meadow on an estate so much nicer than a shorn green. It looks so peaceful, I love wildflowers…just realised I havent seen a primrose for years, you've inspired me to buy some seeds

  9. I love wildflowers. I had too places that needed something, one in the sun one in the shade. So I found a sack of wildflower seeds and two years later i have a beautiful replenishing gardens there. I love how he planted it in a wave among the grass. So beautiful.

  10. Thank you all for the nice comments. I just thought I would share our neighbourhood garden with you all!! I just wish my own garden looked as good!

    But our wildflowers were so beautiful through the summer. The residents will be taking a vote shortly on whether we do the same thing for next year. Think some of our older neighbours prefer a more traditional and conservative planting scheme!

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