As I write it is a grey day with the rain bucketing down. And there is a chill in the air. Altogether not a bright Monday. But I came across these few photos by Paul which I thought I would share with you.

They are of our estate’s garden which up to this year was a lawn with some trees. This spring we decided to use the skills of a newly qualified landscape architect who suggested planting a native wildflower garden. This was the result in summer. Isn’t it just beautiful and most unusual at the entrance to a residential estate. I thought it was particularly wonderful on a breezy day when the flowers all nodded their heads at us and the air was full of hovering bees and butterflies.

Luke Byrne was the designer and planter – beautiful job.

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10 thoughts on “OUR RESIDENTS GARDEN”

  1. Lovely photos – its so unusual to have a meadow on an estate so much nicer than a shorn green. It looks so peaceful, I love wildflowers…just realised I havent seen a primrose for years, you've inspired me to buy some seeds

  2. I love wildflowers. I had too places that needed something, one in the sun one in the shade. So I found a sack of wildflower seeds and two years later i have a beautiful replenishing gardens there. I love how he planted it in a wave among the grass. So beautiful.

  3. Thank you all for the nice comments. I just thought I would share our neighbourhood garden with you all!! I just wish my own garden looked as good!

    But our wildflowers were so beautiful through the summer. The residents will be taking a vote shortly on whether we do the same thing for next year. Think some of our older neighbours prefer a more traditional and conservative planting scheme!

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