Thanks to Ann over at Inkpots and Quills for this award. I am most grateful Ann – especially at the moment when I am finding that inspiration has deserted me. So this award gives me a post which will hopefully kickstart my creative juices!

You probably know the drill here. I have to list 7 things (you may not know) about myself. Here goes:

  • I currently don’t know if I am still a Catholic! A rather odd experience for someone who always automatically wrote RC after religion when asked (mainly only hospital forms now, I think).
  • I am spending too much time on Twitter and this is possibly partly to blame for my lack of creativity with writing. Too much squashing my thoughts into 140 characters – a definite skill in itself but hardly creative.
  • I have an addiction to Extra Strong Mints and Ice Cream wafers – developed during pregnancies, the last of which was ten years ago!!!
  • I would love to have a nice garden… but as the sole gardener in this house, its not likely to happen any time soon.
  • I am in love with my iPhone – which is not really a good thing!
  • I love autumn. Especially the feeling of battening down the hatches against the winter.
  • I would love to love Christmas again! But currently to me it equals too much nonsense and hard work!
Riveting isn’t it?

I would like to pass this award for Versatile Blogging on to the following great bloggers:

Mia at Mia’s Room – who is truly a versatile blogger and who is 10 this week!

Susannah at Joy Frequencies

I know that’s only 5 but whats a bit of rule breaking between bloggers!

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  1. So good to find out more of you, Barbara! I'm curious about #1 – wouldn't you be the one to know if you are a Catholic or not or does someone else get to decide? Not being a smarty-pants – I really don't know. My new approach to Christmas has left me MUCH happier. No presents for anyone who is not a kid and lots of food. No guilt! I announced it early last year and it went well. Plan to continue this year…Jan Morrison

  2. Interesting insights, Barbara.
    I am way with you on the Catholic doubts and the Christmas pressure.
    I love the idea of Christmas but hate the sheer commercialism and Disney-ism of it.
    Sorry about your Twitter-itis, thats why I quit it early, something very addictive about it, I found it did something to my concentration. But I understand that it is a great social networking service.

  3. Know exactly what you mean about Christmas, and love autumn too.
    I know what you mean about Twitter,and probably am a bit addicted to it myself. But I think its a good addiction for a writer as that instant feedback thing is just sooo nice.
    Good luck with the religious ruminations too…

  4. I'm with you on christmas…wish santy really did exist! Still figuring how to take the stress out of the build up! And I couldnt go near twitter – i'd be addicted too!

  5. I promptly declared I was not Catholic right after my confirmation. I converted to Judaism 9 years later. But I'm really a spiritual agnostic. I think.

    That was the best thing about converting. No more Christmas pressure! I visit my Catholic side of the family, but it's no longer my holiday so it's not hectic.

    When I took my conversion class, everyone else was like, “I'll miss Christmas.” I was the only one who was happy about losing it.

  6. Thanks for passing this on to me Barbara! 🙂
    I think my number one fact about me is that I go blank every time I try to think about any facts about me! It brings on some sort of tempory amnesia. lol

    I loved hearing about you though. 🙂

    Thanks again.

  7. Hi Barbara,
    I enjoyed each of your seven facts. I have a good friend in the States who became a Unitarian where one is invited to write down on one page what you believe in. I found it a wonderful exercise, needless to say mine ran to about five pages..
    Thanks for the kind mention.
    Enjoy the Autumn leaves…

  8. I'm with you on the mints- Soft Mints and I go way back!
    And the Christmas thing, try putting a magically smelling balsam wreath on your door during the last week of November. Tie it up with a big red bow and JUST TRY not to love Christmas.

  9. Hi Jan – yep totally up to me to decide what religion I am or am not. But somehow in Ireland the Catholic thing is so ingrained its very difficult to actually say 'I am no longer Catholic'. Blog post needed perhaps to explore this fully.

    Hi Brigid – you might reconsider Twitter. I find it great for removing the fear of editors, journalists etc.

    Thanks Harriet – fellow twit addict

    Thanks Talli, Niamh Theresa and Susannah for your comments.. always good to see you guys!

    Hi Padraic… will be heading over to your window soon.

    Mother Hen – thanks for the comment. You are so right – I need to find my inner Christmas love thing again. Might just take up your suggestion!

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