A PINT AND A HAIRCUT True Irish Stories

All of us remember the dreadful earthquake that devastated the island of Haiti early this year. I wrote about it here. Haiti has now disappeared from news reports and from the forefront of our minds, which I suppose are not very taken up with our own economic earthquake here in Ireland. However, true to form not all Irish people have not forgotten about Haiti. There are those that are working directly on the ground with Irish aid agencies helping the people rebuild their lives and there are creative and generous people like Garret Pearse.

A native of County Longford but now living in Wicklow, Software Consultant Garret, decided to do something practical to help Haiti. Some months ago he put out a call for ‘True Irish Stories’. His intention was to compile a book which would raise funds for Concern’s work in Haiti. The response came, from established writers, bloggers and brand new writers – proving that old adage that all Irish people have a story to tell, to be true.

After more months whittling down the stories he received and making difficult choices, the book is ready and should be hitting the bookstores about now. Taking its name from one of the stories, A Pint and a Haircut features 70 tales – including one by yours truly! I am proud to be associated with this great project along with other bloggers Eolai gan Feile (whose also donated the painting on the cover), Jane Travers and Maria Duffy.

A Pint and a Haircut retails at €12.99. If its not in your bookstore ask them to order it for you (ISBN 978-1-907536-16-1) or buy it online from the publishers Londubh Books. It will keep you entertained on long winter nights and make a great present. But most of all, it will help those whose lives are still devastated in Haiti.

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11 thoughts on “A PINT AND A HAIRCUT True Irish Stories”

  1. Okay, second try!
    Congratulations Barbara…looking forward to getting my copy at the end of October. The US release date.

    You must be chuffed with yourself! Well done and a big whopping congrats again!

  2. I must get hubby Jan to get me this as he's on Concern's Council and was at a meeting last friday and came home with a Concern book on letters from schoolchildren in Ireland to the UN Sec. Gen. This one is a great initiative and well done for having a piece in it – as an old Concern vol. myself (and hubby) love to see things like this – and the fact Concern has a global reach means there's a big audience out there for something as far-reaching as a book for Haiti. I see it's due in the shops in mid-Oct. will look out for it.
    All the best, Catherine

  3. Thanks everyone for the kind comments…. and am delighted that you (especially those of you in the US) are supporting this great project.

    Catherine – great endorsement for Concerns work. If you dont see book in your local bookstore perhaps you might ask them or order a few copies. Thanks!

  4. Well done Barbara, once again. I look forward to buying the book and supporting all involved. I have a soft spot for Concern from the time my sister volunteered to go to Bangladesh in 1985 and met her husband out there. I was moved when three years ago there was a terrfic presence from Concern at her Irish Memorial service even though she had not lived in the country since she left for Bangladesh. I am sure the book will be great. Congrats again. P.

  5. So many lives are devastated everywhere in the world, by natural disasters, and by people in leadership positions who don't don't seem to realize that they're in these positions to serve and help their fellow countrymen. I just read your article “I am a citizen of this country, and I am angry.” I am angry here in the United States too. Hard working, honest people like you and your husband are suffering because of the rich and power hungry people who are running (running into the ground) our countries with their excesses and lack of genuine leadership.

    What a wonderful project! I'm book marking this to buy next month (I've used up my book money for this month).

  6. I'm ordering my copy today. Having spent some time in Haiti, I truly hope that the proceeds from this book go to the people who need it most. I too, am angry with today's leadership in the United States. Our country has been taken over by politicians who are going to break our backs with new taxes and unnecessary social program expenditures.

    Having seen the suffering of the Haitian people, I will encourage all my friends to buy a copy!

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