Finally we have something different to talk about! And to think about.


Tons of it.

Snow like I am not sure I have ever seen before in Dublin and I am very old!

This morning as I write this, there is a white out here in Cabinteely. My world has been gifted a thick duvet cover of artic brightness. Our roads are beautifully quiet. The special, gentle hush that snowfall always brings. It’s as if the whole world is an awe of Mother Nature’s ability to so beautify our surroundings.

The cats are bemused and horrified in equal measure and our elderly matriarch is particularly put out! Her old bones are too old for deep snow.

Today we are having our first duvet day of the snowy weather, with the exception of Carla who left the house before the blizzard and caught the bus to work. I do hope she finishes early so she can get home safely.

At the moment the girls are out with their friends, building snowmen and throwing snowballs. Later they will come in, red faced, wet and exhausted and we will do some baking. As the sun heads west, we will light the fire and sit around eating the results of our baking. And I hope we will remember how lucky we are.

So Ireland, I hope everyone is warm and well stocked up and able to enjoy Narnia outside our doors. Check your neighbours – especially the elderly! And don’t forget the birdies… although I got more than I bargained for when I tried to put out bread for a pair of doves! Those are seagulls! Hitchcock does Narnia!!!

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6 thoughts on “LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW…….”

  1. You guys in Dublin are definitely getting so much more of the bad weather than us lot in Cork. The photos look really pretty though! At least it's something to take our minds off everything else, even if it's just for a wee bit.

  2. We have had hardly any snow down in West Waterford – though the Civil Defence and Red Cross and Coastguard are having to bring supplies to remote upland areas and some of the PHNs need to be taken to patients. So it is all relative – I really envy the great whiteout you've had in Dublin! Our son came home last night with his friend and they took 3 hours to get to Portlaoise it was so bad on the M8, no grit to speak of. After Portlaoise the roads were well treated. Keep safe and warm!

  3. I love the hush of the first snowfall. There is something so beautifully ethereal about it. I can sit and dreamily watch that first snowfall out my window with wonder. Hope you are all keeping warm.

  4. I've never lived with snow, only visited it. There is something so dreamy and peaceful about it. I dare say it can be difficult for daily living, but sometimes it's good to slow down. There are parts of Arizona that do get snow- even near the Grand Canyon- and they are equally lovely. Enjoy!

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