This is a weekend of magic.

Tomorrow night we should hopefully be treated to a wonderfully enlarged and brightened full moon as we witness what has been called a Supermoon. This phenomonen occurs about every 20 years when the moon comes about 17,000 miles closer to Earth. So, hopefully the weather will co-operate with clear skies so we can admire Grandmother Moon as she hangs in the sky, 14% larger and 30% brighter.

This weekend is also the Spring Equinox (Sunday) when the hours of daylight and darkness are equal. This was a very important festival in pre Christian Ireland and one still marked today by Pagans. The Equinox marks the mid point of the Celtic Spring which began on 1st of February. It is time to get out into the garden. Clear away the debris from winter storms and make ready for the abundance of summer. The Equinox also reminds us to check our own lives for balance.

I am always amazed that the animals I live fully recognise the new season. They too feel the pull outdoors. Dylan da Dog drives me mad with is constantly looking to go out, and then coming in only to want out again 30minutes later. But the cats being more independent by having their own cat flap enjoy heading out to a sunny area to sit for a while and contemplate life.

We spent Patricks Day gardening. I now have pots ready to replant, a patio ready for a steam clean and once that is done, we can uncover the table for alfresco dining. We will then declare ourselves ready for summer…..

Isn’t it just great!

BY THE WAY: If you are near a radio or online tomorrow (Saturday) at about 11.40 (GMT) tune into 4FM (94.4 in Dublin or online tune in. I will be on with Gareth O Callaghan, shooting the breeze.

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  1. I am looking forward to viewing this bigger and brighter moon. Spring only begins here on Sunday. The snow is melting and the ground is beginning to make its appearance. The promise of Mother Nature at work to instill colour in our days is in the air.

    Congratulations on your radio gig.

  2. You're so true in what you write about Spring! My favourite time of the year, when physically & metaphorically we get to revive & rejuvenate our souls & surroundings.
    My dog could raise a fortune for charity were her walks sponsored at the moment. A long walk, is no longer long enough 🙂 x

  3. I love this time too and this year more than ever after the uber-long winter, the sight of the rejuvenation of nature is so heart lifting.
    I look forward to tuning in to you tomorrow, Barbara!

  4. So that's why the dog is in and out like a yo-yo! He's been driving me nuts with it, I have let him out already three times and I shouldn't even be up, let alone reading blogs at this ungodly hour of a Saturday – I will try to catch u on if I'm awake, I plan to go back for an hour's kip. Hubby had to go to Dublin at 6.30 and crisis when his car wouldn't start and no jump leads and power pack wouldn't work so he's gone off in my car. And my lie-in has been thwarted. But i had one yesterday (day off) so can't complain too much.
    Will look at the moon again tonight – thought last night's was lovely and big and bright. Supermoons and equinoxes and spring, looks like lots of things are happening in threes – Pope, Queen and Obama come to mind – like the buses, all at once!Spent Paddy's day garden and patio clearing and already alfresco-dined (well, cooked, ate inside as it was too cold by 5-6pm.) Sat out on patio with my book yesterday afternoon – bliss!

  5. Beautiful moon here last night and will check for another tonight. Looking forward to the magic it brings in the new season …armed with pots and plants for the weekend!

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