• The Queen is very small!
  • When she smiles her whole face lights up. And when she does smile it seems to be genuine because she doesn’t do it too often!
  • Mary McAleese is some President – and then some.
  • Our defence forces are great. They look smart, do a great drill and have lots of women. And I like the air corps uniform best!
  • Ritual and symbolism carry a very potent power.
  • I feel more secure knowing we have a nice neighbour.
  • Sinn Fein made a most unusual error of judgement in not attending the events of the last few days. It seems like everyone else is moving forward and they are left on the sidelines.
  • The GAA could have involved a few more girls and women in their presentation of their organisation! An exhibition match – even on a reduced pitch with children would have looked better than the Queen and President sitting on chairs on the sidelines watching a video! (Although these observations really confirm that you can take the GAA out of the Parish but you can’t take the Parish out of the GAA).
  • The Queen travelled to and from events in a lovely, sparkling Land Rover but she had a small issue getting out of the vehicle when she had to achieve a sort of slide and jump down to ground level. Could a little step not have been provided?
  • Olivia O Leary is a national treasure. I want to hear more from her.
  • Banrion Eilis a Do has a gorgeous ring to it.
  • I would love to know what vitamins Her Majesty takes – her stamina for a woman of her age is impressive.
  • Prince Philip was a disappointment – he didn’t put his foot in it once!
  • I personally am most grateful to Her Majesty for knocking the economy, bail out and banks off the front pages and the airwaves for almost a week. I feel like I have been on holidays.
  • Poor Barack has a really hard act to follow!
  • Finally, it was a joy to watch President Mary McAleese who was pivotal in getting this visit off the ground, playing such a magnificent role on our behalf. It does rather make one wonder if Presidential candidate, David Norris could achieve the same effect.

All in all this State Visit has been a rollercoaster of joy and emotion. Led by our female Heads of State, Ireland and the UK have come a long way along the road to reconcilation during these momentous four days. And it feels good. Very good.

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7 thoughts on “MUSINGS ON A ROYAL VISIT”

  1. I agree with your musings. Banrion Eilis A Do also has lovely slim ankles and she goes up and down stairs without having to hang on to someone's arm or a handy rail.

  2. So glad it went well. I've never seen the Queen in person but I've heard people say that she's smaller than you expect. I do hope we can all move forward into peace and I'm pleased the Duke of Edinburgh was a disappointment. A blooper would have been so embarrassing!

  3. I agree, Barbara, 'Banrion Eilis a Do' has a great ring to it.
    I think the whole visit was a success and all those acres of newsprint and tv coverage could bring us back from the brink of financial disaster.
    Mary MacAleese was wonderful, warm, elegant and professional, a great role model for our kids.
    And what a delight for us wannabe writers to see Seamus Heaney at the Queen's table at Dublin castle, lets celebrate what we are good at!.

  4. Hear, hear, Barbara, your musings sum up neatly the whole thing.
    I especially agree about how well our public services performed…army, Gardai, the government in general, our President. After all the slating they've endured since our debts have been mounting, this week they've really done us proud!

  5. I've been MIA from your blog recently but had to stop by and read your take on the Queen's visit. Both of these posts were insightful, thanks for keeping me up to date on what's happening in Ireland!

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