Well, I have to say that Evans were very prompt in their reply to my sending them a link to my previous blog post BRITISH STORES RIPPING US OFF? I reproduce below the nice reply from Audrey (she doesn’t sign her second name).

Dear Ms Scully,

Thank you for your email received 9 June 2011.

I am sorry to note your disappointment with our pricing structure following your recent visit to one of our Republic of Ireland stores.

Our Sterling and Euro prices are set in advance of the goods being delivered to our stores in the UK and Ireland. We appreciate that, depending on the current exchange rate, customers may be adversely affected at times, however it is not possible to amend our prices in line with fluctuations in exchange rates.

If you would like, you can place an order through our website. We will charge you in Pounds Sterling and your card issuer will apply the relevant conversion rate.

If there is anything further I can help with, please do not hesitate to contact me by replying to this email address.


Evans Customer Service

Mmmm – I don’t think Audrey read the post… as it was a visit to the Evans Store on Oxford Street (London, UK) that got me very cross. The point I was trying to make was that how can Evans justify an item that costs €60 in London can cost €75 in Dublin? That is a huge differential and cannot be explained away by currency fluctuations.

Over to you again Evans – why the difference? As for encouraging me to buy online – yep I know I have that option, but our economy is enough trouble without us by-passing shops here that employ Irish staff in order to buy online?

Needless to say I am not satisfied with the response.

However for my Irish readers – please watch what you are buying in British Stores here. I have a sneaking suspicion that Evans are not alone. And as Hazel posted in the comments to my previous post, Ireland may well be seen as Treasure Island by UK Stores operating here – and ripping us off!


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4 thoughts on “THE REPLY FROM EVANS”

  1. To be fair to Audrey – I think her explanation does answer your question but that answer is far from satisfactory to the Irish customer. The 75 Euro price will have been fixed well in advance and then printed on the label. The 60 Euro price you were charged reflects the current Sterling – Euro exchange rate on the day you bought the dress in London. The question is – what sort of exchange rate they are using when they fix their prices as a 25% movement in the exchange rate is unlikely to have in fact occurred in that period. It would appear that Evans is expecting its Irish customers to pay the price of exchange rate fluctuations not just between two actual rates at different points in time but also between an actual rate and their own rate dreamed up for budgeting & costing purposes.

  2. Pre UK VAT increase, the VAT difference was 17.5% UK to 21% Ireland, so together with currency changes…higher Irish prices were perhaps explainable.

    Now – NO WAY – sadly British companies are following what Irish companies do daily – rip off customers. The price differences across the board between UK and Ireland to me fit definition of racketeering.

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