You can listen to my piece entitled The Wrong Bus which was broadcast last Sunday on RTE Radio One’s Sunday Miscellany by clicking here.  I am the third contributor at about 19 minutes in.  And do also listen to the beautiful piece of music played afterwards – by Paco Pena.

I also contributed to Newstalk’s ‘Talking Point’ with Sarah Carey which was broadcast last Saturday.  We discussed how far the state should go on legislating for good parenting.  You can listen to that by clicking here.
(then click the date 12th May to begin listening).  I was joined on the panel by Sunday Independent columnist Carol Hunt and Independent Senator Jillian Van Turnhout

Did I mention that I love doing radio?

Oh and I will also have a short radio essay on this weekend’s Media Show on RTE Radio One at 7.30pm on Saturday evening.  I will be putting forward the case for more positive news!

Yep, I love doing radio!

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Writing and Talking.... on the radio, on the telly and in the papers. Debut book out in Spring 2022

3 thoughts on “I LOVE DOING RADIO….”

  1. And you're fab at it Barbara – lots of intelligent insights, a gorgeous voice and loadsa fun.

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