How to Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Katherine Lynch

Katherine Lynch is probably best known for her hilarious and outrageous shows on RTE – Wagons Den, Wonder Women and Single ladies and the legion of mad characters she brought to life. But Katherine is also a singer, a poet, a documentary maker and most recently, a life coach.

Katherine’s reading recommends are The Narrowland by Christine Dwyer Hickey and The Twin Paradox by Charles Watcher.

Her favourite podcasts at the moment are, Doireann Garrihy’s ‘The Laughs of Your Life’ and Stella O Malley’s ‘Gender, A Wider Lens’

She listens to the music of Sean Keane.

And her Netflix recommends are ‘Call My Agent’ and Shtisel. And when she need some brain fudge she watches The Housewives of Beverly Hills.

And do check out some of Katherine’s new music. Here is Blue Beach which is gorgeous.

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Writing and Talking.... on the radio, on the telly and in the papers.

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