How to Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Joanna Fortune

Joanna Fortune is a highly experienced child psychotherapist with her own practice. She is a familiar voice on radio, as the parenting expert on the Moncrieff Show on Newstalk FM. She is the author of the 15 Minute Parenting guides and also has her own podcast series, also called 15 Minute Parenting which you can listen to here

We talk about children and young adults and how the pandemic has effected them and how we can address these losses as we begin the slow journey back to normal living.

As our conversation was so interesting and important we didn’t get time to go through Joanna’s great choices for reading and watching. So here they are:

Joanna’s book recommendations are:

What Happened to You, by Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey

Michael Rosen’s Book of Play

Savage Her Reply by Deirdre Sullivan

Joanna’s Netflix recommendation is Shtisel


Joanna recommends BBC4 true crime podcasts including Girl Taken and I’m not a Monster.

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