Be The Change….

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

You get up in the morning groaning silently about the night being too short. You pull back the curtains and the sky is grey and a definite dampness pervades the air. You think ‘another colourless Irish day’. The news comes on and brings horror from all parts of the globe. Before leaving the house you have surrounded yourself in a blanket of negativity.

A little later, when you casually exchange ‘pleasantries’ with the paper man or fellow mothers at the school gates, you moan about the weather. Your first proper conversation of the day will no doubt focus on the horrors in the news. And so on it goes.

Let’s replay the scene.

Same morning – same news – same weather. But as you gaze out the window you give thanks for a warm and comfortable house. Instead of listening to the news, switch to music in the morning. Put on your favourite CD or tune into Lyric FM. Greet everyone you meet with a smile and a cheerful comment – even one tinged with irony… “at least it is not snowing”. Spread positivity and humour.

We are surrounded by negative stories in the media; stories of atrocities, wars and suffering. We need to pray for peace in the world but there is little to be gained by constantly immersing ourselves in images and stories that are horrific and deeply upsetting. Remember that the media gives us a completely lopsided view of the world. There are ‘armies’ of good and kind people working for the benefit of their fellow man and for the good of this wonderful planet we live on. There is lots of good stuff going on that more than balances out the bad. Focus on the positives and cull the amount of time you spend reading or listening to the ‘news.’ There is a saying in healing which is “change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”

We create our own reality. If we choose to see only the dark and the negative, that is how our world will be! So starting today make a conscious effort to look for beauty, joy and positivity everywhere. Slow down a little and listen – are there birds singing over the noise of the traffic? Slow down and open your eyes – even the weeds growing in the cracks in the pavement have beautiful flowers. Go for a walk in the rain and feel how the rain feels on your skin.

We live in a world abundant with beauty and joy. We have forgotten how to look for it. So remember that life is good. Carry that message with you every day and open your heart to all you meet so that they cannot help but be infected by your inner joy. Smile at everyone you pass.

It was Gandhi who said “be the change you want to see in the world” and if you are smiling now you have changed the world already.

Spiritual Scones

The other day I twittered that I have been neglecting my spiritual self. Twitter can be a very useful tool to excavate, very quickly, just how you are feeling, particularly if you are very spontaneous in your tweeting.

So how do I know that I have neglected my spiritual side – other than my recognition of the fact that some of my normal practices have fallen by the wayside over the last few weeks. Is this due to the unstructured days of summer holidays, unfettered by routines and school timetables? Possibly. But I just feel somewhat at sea with myself. A bit lost and very ungrounded.

My inner self, my deepest self, my god self, needs quiet time each day in which to reassure my other selves (physical, emotional and psychological) that all is well. My deepest self is what communicates with God, with all that is, with the Universe and with life itself. My spirit or deepest self, is what enables me to keep everything in perspective. My deepest self is always calm, always happy and always serene. And so if I ignore my spirit, I lose all perspective on life. Instead of seeing the big picture and being able to discern what is important and (more importantly) what is not in life, I get bogged down in the nonsense.

Having a spiritual dimension to one’s life is not something that is automatic, no matter how practiced one is. Lessons I have learned over the last seven years or so of my personal journey can be so easily forgotten. But at least now, I can recognise the symptoms of my own, albeit unintentional, spiritual apathy. Being ungrounded is one of the main ones and leaves me feeling unconnected to life. I feel out of synch somehow.

So at the first recognition of spiritual lack, I ground myself by doing something creative. And so I baked scones. My spiritual scones! I will also make time to pray and to meditate. My favourite affirmations will also help me to facilitate an immediate change of gear. ‘All is in divine and perfect order’, ‘Thank you God/Universe for blessings already on their way to me (and thanks Susannah for reminding me of that one!).

And already I begin to feel better. Feel more me. Feel more relaxed. More trusting that this world we live in, is just full of abundance and miracles. I have reminded myself to look out for them. And to remember the attitude of gratitude! Thank you God and so it is!

SUMMER SOLSTICE 21/22 June 2009

And so we have reached one of the two turning points of the natural year.
The Summer Solstice.
Longest day.
High Summer.

I am pretty sure that in a previous life I was a witch or a Pagan Priestess as the Solstices (and indeed Halloween) in particular resonate with some very deep place within my soul.

I am greatly comforted by the reminder of the turning of The Wheel of the Year.
A marker in time that at Summer Solstice reminds us of all we have to celebrate and to be grateful for.

Nature is at its busiest.
Flowers in full bloom.
Vegetables growing and ripening.
The sun reaching it’s zenith.

The Summer Solstice reminds us to take this time to enjoy all of nature in its abundance.
And to be grateful for all the bounty that Mother Earth provides for us!

And so today make sure you in some small way, capture the spirit of this magical day.
Run wildly through the garden
And then give a big, loud exuberant thanks for all that is given to you.

Enjoy, Enjoy….

Photos of Dylan getting into the wild and exuberant spirit of the Summer Solstice by practicing his newest trick!!!