It’s been a funny old New Year. It began wonderfully on New Year’s Eve with a good fall of snow which is perfect when you are home, with plenty of food, wine and fuel and no particular place to go. Along with the December Blue Moon, there was magic in the air in the infant hours of 2010. New Year’s Day was a Friday and so we rolled into the weekend in a lazy, locked in kind of way.

However by Monday I was hoping to begin to establish a bit of routine back into my days leading up to Thursday when the girls were to go back to school. But more ice and snow put an end to that and gifted the kids two extra days holidays.

And so I found myself somewhat stalled, paused in a frozen limbo. Days merged into each other so that I felt a little disorientated. Is it Tuesday or Thursday? But yesterday (and it was Wednesday) I realised what a pleasure it has been to have been given a slow and relaxed start to 2010. I usually race headlong into the new year (and any new project) like the proverbial bull at a gate, tearing down all signs of Christmas on January 1st and setting my face firmly to the coming twelve months. This year has been all so different – thanks to Mother Nature.

And so on my usual quest for the meaning of life, I am wondering if the Universe is saying to me “relax, be calm, all is unfolding as it should” in a voice that is reminiscent of the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny!

Anyway – therein lies my resolution for 2010 – I shall go with the flow, give up trying to exert control all the time and trust that all is happening exactly as it should. And that sounds just fine!

What about you? How does the Artic weather affect you?


Summer Evening
The autumn of the day
Light dimming
Earth doused in soft orange light
Work done
Dinner over
Maybe a walk?
Or time in the garden?
Pace slows
A chance to savour the final hours
A glass of wine
Gently, gently
Day is closing
Night waits in the wings
When darkness shall enfold our planet
Like a duvet pulled up against the chill
Stars, hidden in the light
Twinkle as they revel in the blackened sky
Moon rises
Sleep now
Summer night…