SUMMER SOLSTICE 21/22 June 2009

And so we have reached one of the two turning points of the natural year.
The Summer Solstice.
Longest day.
High Summer.

I am pretty sure that in a previous life I was a witch or a Pagan Priestess as the Solstices (and indeed Halloween) in particular resonate with some very deep place within my soul.

I am greatly comforted by the reminder of the turning of The Wheel of the Year.
A marker in time that at Summer Solstice reminds us of all we have to celebrate and to be grateful for.

Nature is at its busiest.
Flowers in full bloom.
Vegetables growing and ripening.
The sun reaching it’s zenith.

The Summer Solstice reminds us to take this time to enjoy all of nature in its abundance.
And to be grateful for all the bounty that Mother Earth provides for us!

And so today make sure you in some small way, capture the spirit of this magical day.
Run wildly through the garden
And then give a big, loud exuberant thanks for all that is given to you.

Enjoy, Enjoy….

Photos of Dylan getting into the wild and exuberant spirit of the Summer Solstice by practicing his newest trick!!!

It is a beautiful, bright and very breezy day here in Dublin. Washing flying around on the line and daffodils bravely trying to keep their heads on, as they get buffeted by the wind. Kitty thinks a bit too windy for the garden and so has found a cosy place from which she can look out without risking getting chilled!!!
My garden is crying out for some Spring time attention. This year, one of my resolutions was to begin a very modest vegetable patch. Time is ‘marching’ on and I still have not ventured out to really get my hands dirty. If the temperature would rise just a bit I might find it a bit easier!

Gardening is one of those things, that I find really hard to get started but once I do, I relish the experience and get a huge amount of satisfaction from my efforts. Gardening is also good for the soul, as it is very grounding and re-establishes our connection with this beautiful planet. Grounding comes from being totally in the moment. When weeding and planting, our attention is on the task in hand and is generally not wandering into plans for next week or worry about events that happened yesterday or last week. Connected to Mother Earth and being totally in the moment is what gardening is all about!

Baking can have the same effect.. so maybe until the cold wind blows away with itself, I will grab the mixing bowl and make an apple sponge, which I can enjoy with a cuppa later!

I will work off the effects of such indulgence in the garden next week!