What 5 things would you hate to have to live without?

What are the things in your life that you really could not bear to be without? What are the little pleasures that you indulge in regularly? The things that make your day or week complete. Kids and partners/family don’t count. But list just 5!

Here are mine (in no particular order).

Red Wine – have I a problem? Don’t think so, but am big enough to admit that as the week rolls on and as Thursday and Friday afternoon heads towards 5pm, I like nothing better than the pop sound of the cork being wrenched out of the bottle, followed by the glug, glug of the red nectar splashing into a suitably large glass!! And the first sip of red wine.. mmm.. What time is it?

Books – what’s to explain? I always have at least one novel on the go and possibly have another one for dipping in and out of being read also. I get very antsy if I don’t have another 3 or 4 lined up waiting for my attention.

Baths – really cannot understand how some people get rid of their baths in order to make way some huge, fancy, jets coming from all angles shower. Showers are OK for waking you up and revitalising you. But for relaxation and the sensual pleasure of sinking your weary bones into warm, perfumed, bubbly water – YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BATH. Most of my days finish with a lovely, lazy soak…

Cats – As regular readers of my blog will know I have a dog I adore and who adores me. But I also have 4 cats who treat me with differing attitudes but none of whom adore me. All like (and probably love) me, but they balance their affection with occasional sympathy (like they know it all and I am more than a little daft), contempt (try moving a cat off your place on the sofa) and sometimes they just like to ignore me – no doubt ‘cos they think that I am getting ideas above my station. Even though I spend my life getting rid of cat hairs from everywhere, I love the way my four cats decorate various corners of my home and garden. And cats always know how to look terrific!

Chinese Take Out – I can’t wax lyrical about Chinese food cos I know it’s full of msg and stuff that makes you fall asleep about an hour after eating it! But Friday nights in front of the telly in my PJs (having had an early bath), book at the ready in case the telly is crap, cat beside me (and hubby beside cat!), glass of wine in hand is complete when the ‘chinky’ arrives!

M&S €12.50 dinners for two are a newcomer to my list and may replace the Chinese in time.

Anyway there are mine! Now what are yours?

Oh… and the classy photo is by that hot shot Sherwood guy again…. check out http://www.sherwood.ie

Simple Pleasures

When life is getting you down or you are just have a bad day try this to lift your mood. Take 10 or 15 minutes to list the simple things that make you smile, things that lift your spirits.

Make a list just some of the simple pleasures of your life. Here are some of mine……

The sparkly, jewel encrusted pen with which I write.

A warm fragrant bubble bath before bed.

The first sip of a glass of ruby red wine, preferably taken at a winter fireside or in the heat of the land of it’s origin.

Coming home to find my cats all curled up and content in various corners of the house.

The silence that slowly envelopes the house, as humans and animals take to sleep.

Fresh bed linen.

A walk in the rain

Watching the birds feed from the freeders hanging from the tree just outside the window.

The smell of baking.

The taste of chocolate cake about 20 minutes after it comes out of the oven.

The comfort of knowing that everyone is in on a stormy winter night.

The chatter of family conversation over Sunday roast.

Seeing a washing line full of washing on a bright and breezy day.

Coming across a squirrel while on a walk in the park.

A warm sunny summer afternoon spent reading in the garden.

Our postmen – who seem to always be cheerful.

Going for a walk and realising that Ireland is still a country where strangers often smile and say hello as they pass by.

Fridays – no homework, no cooking and no school lunches till Monday.

Coffee and a scone at the kitchen table, while reading the paper, having completed the weekly marathon of grocery shopping.

How beautiful my garden looks on a frosty bright winter morning.

A sunrise walk on Dun Laoghaire Pier.

Listening to my kids deep in childish conversation, oblivious to my presence.

These are some of my simple things, simple pleasures. Most cost nothing. All that is required is making some time to stop and think about what makes life so beautiful. And the more you think, the more you realise that it is not the big shiny things but the little things that happen every day… these are the things that make life beautiful. Grab a pen and begin your list. And the miracle is that once you train yourself to look for these golden moments, you will find that they will multiply. So revisit your list often and add to it.

And on a down day, take out your list and have a read. You will feel much the better for it!! I promise.