A guide for ole wans!

Greenways are on the increase in Ireland.  They are combined walking and cycling routes which often follow a former railway line or sometimes canal or even a river.  What all these have in common is that they are reasonably flat.  Not completely flat all the time… but reasonably.  They are a magnificent way to get under the skin of a location and really see the beauty of the scenery, especially if you are lucky enough to get good clear weather.

Last week, myself and Sherwood along with two friends took ourselves west to give the Great Western Greenway a try.  Now, if you follow me on social media, you will know the following about me:

I am 59, a bit overweight, and only moderately fit. 

I have taken up cycling in the last 18 months and use my bike as much as I can in Dublin. 

But although I have been on two wheels for well over a year I still get, how can I phrase this delicately – I can’t – so a sore arse at about 23kms. 

This information is important because, believe me, if I can cycle – anyone can cycle.

The Great Western Greenway follows the old Westport to Achill railway line and is 42km long in total.  So with my poor arse in mind we decided to spend one night in Westport and cycle to Newport and back (11km each way) and two nights in Mulranny so we could head to Achill one day (13km each way) and perhaps head back to Newport on the third day (18km each way).

DAY ONE:  Westport to Newport 22 kms out and back.

Finding the ‘trail head’ (I think that is the right term) in Westport involved a big old hill – so we pushed the bikes up the worst of it, found the beginning of the Greenway where one can ring a bell to signify the beginning of your adventure and off we peddled. It was mid afternoon and a glorious day.  We began in a green corridor of overhanging trees, under old railway bridges, out into open country side which felt like we were cycling through fields of curious cows.  We passed a repurposed old fashioned phone box which served as an honesty shop for fresh eggs and onwards running alongside the road into Newport where we found a great pub in which to replenish ourselves with a cold beer, before heading back to Westport.

A word here – you might feel it’s a waste going out and back along the same route but believe me doing so provides you with a 360 degree overview of the countryside.  You would be surprised at how different the views are depending on the direction in which you are cycling.

DAY TWO – Mulranny to Achill – 26km out and back.

Without a doubt this is the most scenic part of the Great Western Greenway.  If you stay in The Park Hotel Mulranny, the greenway conveniently runs right at the back of the hotel where the old railway station has been converted into a convenience stop – with a small shop, tap for refilling water bottles and toilets. 

Heading out of Mulranny you pass through another tunnel of green before the view opens out onto the water leading out to Bellacragher Bay. The beauty of the landscape is just stunning.  At times, especially on the return leg when the Nephin Mountains are on the horizon, it felt like I was cycling into a painting. 

Reaching Achill we made our way to the nearest café, where we had lunch at a picnic table in the sun. 

The cycle back to Mulranny was hot but beautiful and a wonderful, magical day was completed with a swim at the beach across the causeway from the hotel.

DAY THREE – Towards Newport and to Rockfleet Castle. About 25km out and back.

As we had already been to Newport, we decided to only cycle about 7km of the Greenway from Mulranny and cut off at the very well signposted Nevin’s Newfield Inn.  A few hills to walk before you reach the Inn where we had a welcome coffee and got great directions from the man himself on the best route to Rockfleet Castle. 

Rockfleet Castle was Granuaile’s stronghold in Mayo and is reputedly where she died.  She  also had a castle on Clare Island.  I wanted to pay homage to this fierce Irish woman of the middle ages. 

Our route took us off down a boreen full of twists and turns.  The silence was so complete it was almost loud. The sun was hot and the air heavy with the vanilla scent of meadowsweet and the sweetness of wild honeysuckle.  We reached the shore by an old graveyard and well.

Cycling on, Rockfleet finally came into view and much to my disappointment it was shrouded completely in scaffolding.  Grainne was having work done!!  But hopefully that work will help preserve this magnificent castle which holds the memory of a powerful pirate queen in its thick walls. 

We then decided (well, we didn’t – he did) to cycle back along the main road thinking it might be quicker.  I don’t know if it was or not but it was a bit hilly and scarey with no hard shoulder should you decide to walk a bit.  We arrived back in Nevin’s sweaty messes but recovered over a lovely lunch and then made our way back to the Greenway and back to Mulranny.

 Another swim was in order to restore our bodies equilibrium.


The surface of the greenway varies from tarmac (easiest to cycle) to gravel which can be a bit more nerve wracking.  There are crossings over roads clearly marked and you will also encounter lots of cattle grids which are safe to cycle over.  And there are sheep.  Lots of sheep wearing multicoloured stripes of ownership.

Cycling the Western Greenway in summer – make sure you have lots of water.  There are no stops between the towns/villages. 

How To Stay Sane in a Pandemic

THE LAST EPISODE….. with comedian Steve Cummins

Steve Cummins is a comedian, host of the Laughter Lounge and one half of the very successful Zoom Party. This episode has no recommendations… it’s all about having a laugh. From nipples to donkeys to the slow set….. you will enjoy this.

Thank you to all my 19 guests over this series… it has been really a great privilege to get to chat with you. And thank you for watching and sharing.

Have a great summer, get your vaccination, wash your hands, stay well and enjoy the reunions that are just over the horizon.

How To Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Sinead Moriarty

Sinead Moriarty is a best selling author, newspaper columnist and Eason’s book ambassador.

Sinead’s recommended reads are:

Snowflake by Louise Nealon

Waiting for the Miracle by Anna McPartlin (avail to pre order now).

Unorthodox (the book on which the Netflix series is based) by Deborah Feldman

The Push by Ashley Audrain

The TV that has helped Sinead stay sane in this pandemic includes lots of trashy reality shows and also The Comey Rule (Sky)

For listening pleasure Sinead recommends investigating the BBC Desert Island Discs archive.

How to Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Joanna Fortune

Joanna Fortune is a highly experienced child psychotherapist with her own practice. She is a familiar voice on radio, as the parenting expert on the Moncrieff Show on Newstalk FM. She is the author of the 15 Minute Parenting guides and also has her own podcast series, also called 15 Minute Parenting which you can listen to here

We talk about children and young adults and how the pandemic has effected them and how we can address these losses as we begin the slow journey back to normal living.

As our conversation was so interesting and important we didn’t get time to go through Joanna’s great choices for reading and watching. So here they are:

Joanna’s book recommendations are:

What Happened to You, by Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey

Michael Rosen’s Book of Play

Savage Her Reply by Deirdre Sullivan

Joanna’s Netflix recommendation is Shtisel


Joanna recommends BBC4 true crime podcasts including Girl Taken and I’m not a Monster.

How to Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Katherine Lynch

Katherine Lynch is probably best known for her hilarious and outrageous shows on RTE – Wagons Den, Wonder Women and Single ladies and the legion of mad characters she brought to life. But Katherine is also a singer, a poet, a documentary maker and most recently, a life coach.

Katherine’s reading recommends are The Narrowland by Christine Dwyer Hickey and The Twin Paradox by Charles Watcher.

Her favourite podcasts at the moment are, Doireann Garrihy’s ‘The Laughs of Your Life’ and Stella O Malley’s ‘Gender, A Wider Lens’

She listens to the music of Sean Keane.

And her Netflix recommends are ‘Call My Agent’ and Shtisel. And when she need some brain fudge she watches The Housewives of Beverly Hills.

And do check out some of Katherine’s new music. Here is Blue Beach which is gorgeous.

How to Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Dr Lollie Mancey

Dr Lollie Mancey is a cultural anthropologist and academic who teaches innovation at UCD. She is also an expert in Rites of Passage with a passion for story telling and learning.

Lollie’s book recommendations were

The Beauty of Living Twice by Sharon Stone

Mr Gupta Goes to the Sea by Paul Comerford

And for listening Lollie recommends the podcasts of BBC Radio 4’s Women Hour

and the Petty Little Things Podcast with drag legends, Victoria Secret and Davina Devine.

How To Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Pat Dawson, CEO Irish Travel Agents Association

Pat Dawson is a well known voice on radio in his position as CEO of the ITAA (Irish Travel Agents Association) and this timely chat includes his insight into how the Irish travel business has been decimated by the pandemic and the work going on behind the scenes to make travel possible once restrictions are eased.

Pat’s viewing recommendation is Dad’s Army – the series which is available on Amazon Prime and BBC player (if you are in the juristication).

He also recommends Barack Obama, Dreams from my Father as a good read.

How to Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With June Shannon

June Shannon is a medical / health journalist who has helped many of us stay sane over the last year with her live tweets of the briefings by NPHET and Government. She has distilled down figures and words into easily understandable tweets and has regularly burned her dinner in the process.

June’s book recommendations are:

A Light That Never Goes Out by Keelin Shanley

Psychiatrist in the Chair – Biography of Anthony Clare by Brendan Kelly & Muiris Houston

Seamus Heaney 100 Poems

Barbara’s recommendation is Sinead Moriarty’s new novel which will be published in summer, called About Us.

June’s TV/Netflix Recommendations are the soaps – which seem to have been largely forgotten today. June is an avid viewer of both Corrie and EastEnders

June also recommends The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society movie which is on Netflix and Barbara recommends the book too.

How To Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Dil Wickremsinghe

Dil is a mental health professional, an activist, a journalist and former broadcaster who presented Global Village on Newstalk.

Along with her partner, Anne Marie Toole they founded and run Insight Matters, a counselling, psychotherapy and wellness centre offering affordable and accessible mental health support, in Dublin.

The book recommendation this week was my suggestion and is the Dublin City Libraries One City One Book choice for 2021 and is the beautiful, gentle tale of Leonard and Hungry Paul by Ronan Hession.

And the TV/Movie recommendation was The Morning Show – available on Apple TV

How to Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Rory O’Neill aka Panti Bliss

Rory O’Neill is an entertainer, a drag queen, a publican and an activist and I was delighted to welcome him to the webcast. Our conversation meandered around the decimation of the arts and live entertainment, living in a very quiet city to how Rory will be very safe in the aftermath of the apocalypse. You will enjoy this one.

Rory’s book suggestions were:

Healing Back Pain, The Mind Body Connection by John Sarno

Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne

And on Netflix Rory recommends Project Runway.

How To Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Samantha Kelly aka The Tweeting Goddess

Samantha Kelly is a social media specialist, a twitter expert, a business coach and the founder of the Women’s Inspire Network which supports female entrepreneurs. She is currently working on the networks event for International Women’s Day on the 8th of March which features a great line up of speakers.

And she is the host of #soberstpatricksday 2021.

If you want a kick of positivity and some ‘can do’ attitude, you will enjoy what she has to say.

Sam recommends Vicky Phelan’s book ‘Overcoming’

Barbara’s book recommendation is The Dutch House by Anne Pachett

Barbara also recommends Summer of Rockets on Netflix

How To Stay Sane in a Pandemic

With Tom Clonan

Dr Tom Clonan is a columnist, broadcaster, security analyst, feminist and advocate for disabilty and a retired Army Captain. A calm and reasoned commentator, his take on where we are in this pandemic might just cheer you up.

He also has some cracking book, podcast and viewing recommendations which are listed below. Enjoy. And if you do, please share.

Tom’s recommended read : The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain

Tom’s podcast recommendation : The Nobody Zone by RTE and Louis Theroux podcast, Grounded especially the episode with Ruby Wax

Tom’s viewing recommendations : Deuthscland ’86 available on All Four.

How To Stay Sane in a Pandemic

Episode 8 : Steve Cummins

Steve Cummins is a comedian and resident host of The Laughter Lounge. He is currently one half of the very successful Zoom Party providing events virtually. See

This episode is great fun with references to my arse and a rude story about monkeys. If you need cheering up, this just might do it for you.

Oh there were some book and podcast recommendations too (listed below).


Steve’s Book recommendations..

Nikki Sixx (from Motley Crue) The Heroin Diaries

Stephen King – The Dark Tower Series

Lee Child – the Jack Reacher novels

Podcast – No Such Thing As A Fish from the makers of QI.

Steve also recommended PodBean a free app for your podcast listening.

How to Stay Sane in a Pandemic

Episode 7 : SARAH CAREY

Columnist and broadcaster, Sarah Carey joined me this week for my How To Stay Sane Webcast.

She had some cracking book suggestions along with interesting radio programme suggestions too. And yes, of course, we talked about Bridgerton.

We didn’t get to all Sarah’s book suggestions but she kindly sent them on and here they are:


East West Street by Philippe Sands,

On Identity, Violence and the need to belong by Amin Mahlouf

Dominion, How Christianity Shaped the Western mind by Tom Holland

The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James.


What Sarah called her ‘Spinster Lit’ recommendations

She recommends all the books of Barbara Pym, Muriel Spark and Anita Brookner

She also recommends Nancy Mitford who she says is a hoot.

Other favourites are The Unseen by Roy Jacobsen which she says are one of the most beautiful poetic books I’ve ever read. And other poetry such as Lullaby by WH Auden and ‘What Auden Can Do For You’ by Alexander McCall Smith. And Heaney’s The Cure At Troy

Also recommend On Kindness by Adam Philips, the famous British psychonalyst

Radio and Podcasts

Backlisted podcast – Brings new life to old books. It’s a joy.

Drama on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 4 Extra -right now listening to Hercule Poirot!

The Archers BBC Radio 4

Soul Music (BBC Radio 4)

In Our Time ( BBCR4)

Delusions (short series on BBC Radio 4 you should be able to find it)

Cautionary Tales (Tim Hartford, behavioural psychology)

Thinking Allowed (BBCR4)

If you enjoy these webcasts please share the links either on Twitter, Facebook or right here on my website.