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I am a freelance journalist and broadcaster  in Dublin, Ireland.

I am mother to three daughters, one of whom has left these shores to make a new life in Perth, Australia. The other two are still in school.   I am married to  Paul Sherwood, who is a freelance photographer.

I share my life with four permanent resident cats, occasional foster cats and a deaf dog called Dylan.  I don’t obviously have a favourite cat but above is Diego…. who is my feline self.

I love current affairs, rich coffee, dolphins, a good book, my friends and owls… in no particular order.  I used to love red wine and cocktails… but sin sceal eile.

I am in my 6th decade on the planet and I am only getting started!

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  1. Hello Barbara, I enjoyed your piece in the Indepndent. We may have met @Alsheimers.
    Having been schooled in a Co-Educational School in NI and our two sons also I enjoyed working for over 100 women in Barnardos. Indeed my only contribution was to fix the smell in the Fridge. They were highly regarded by Council and by Director of Child Care. The latter enjoyed singly each Manager at meetings for some error.
    Child Care is seen as a cost/expenditure item rather than an investment.
    I intoduced the best Curriculum to Ireland. It is the Hgh/Scope Currculum shown by evidence from the Classic ‘Perry Preshool Project’ to have a return of $1 invested over twenty years to $13 return.
    I invested £IR 1 million over 10 years challeging estates.
    Sadly the Committee is going for cheap option and paying Child Care Workers a Min., Wage

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