Every so often I get to interview someone who really fascinates me with their particular stories or expertise.

Recently I travelled out to Glasnevin Cemetery to talk with historian and chief tour guide, Shane MacThomais who enthralled me with stories and facts about Glasnevin and other graveyards in Dublin.
MacThomais has written a book, called Dead Interesting, describing stories of the rich, famous, infamous and ordinary citizen and which is well worth a read.
He also told me that gravediggers are (to his knowledge) all men – the last bastion of male dominance, perhaps. Gravediggers also “to a man” wish to be cremated!
And did you know, that certainly in Glasnevin buying a plot is all about ‘location, location, location’.
My interview with Shane is now up on the writing.ie website and you can read it here.
Normal service shall be resumed if I return from down under!!