Mother Earth has settled,

No longer rocked by our busyness

She embraces the new quiet,

Inhaling forgotten fume free air.



Her animals are curious now

Goats venture into a somnolent town,

Urban foxes relax

And explore our iconic buildings & bridges



Ghost buses worm their way on deserted roads,

A lonely driver, sporadic passengers.

No chat, no muffled music,

Silent as a church.



Cyclists claim the streets,

Walkers the paths.

Birds sing their joy,

In the new peace.



Week after week of languid Sundays,

Tumbling slowly one after another.

Days without punctuation,

Devoid of deadlines.



Life in suspended animation.

No planning, no looking forward,

Living in the moment,

In abundant time.



We are all here

Calmly, waiting.

Not thinking yet of how this finally ends,

Or of how we rebuild our work.



Because that’s too hard,

It will unsettle us deeply.

We need to stay still,

To stay compliant.



So we focus instead on staying safe,

On staying sane.

On being quiet,

And sometimes it feels like we are healing.