As a freelance columnist and feature writer, I have been published in most of the Irish national press although my work most often features in the Irish Independent and the Irish Examiner.

I write opinion most often on family life or the role of women in society.

I also write features and travel pieces.


Some of my OpEds

Employers Should Grow Up

Empowered Women


Some of my features…

When Home Is Where The Heart Is.

Ploughing On Despite Being Out of My Field

Love Letters to St Valentine

Basking in Bali

Other writing can be found From My Kitchen Table




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  1. Hi Barbara a lovely article today on a lonely parent I never realised lone parent allowance is cut for 7year old child Omg it’s so unfair you speak with such feeling and warmth .it was never easy for young girl 30 or 40 years ago to get pregnant especially in Catholic Ireland (we are such hypocrites).when you think all the church got away with paedophiles etc no one ever cared for young woman pregnant well done Barbara a fantastic article I have a lovely saying life is a test always give it your best always fight with your back to the wall..Get up and d,Int cry and never say die and get up again if you fall 😇😜ERIC a good decent 57 year old Galway man

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