Hello, hello, hello.

It seems like ages since I have been posting on Seeking Serenity, due to the fact that I had two wonderful Guest Writers posting their wit, wisdom and words here for the last two weeks. So before I go any further can I thank both Susannah Bec (Joy Frequencies among others) and Niamh Griffin (Writer On The Way Home) for their beautiful and inspiring and uplifting posts. I enjoyed both and know, from the comments, that they went down well with you too!

So, its almost Christmas and we are getting ready to welcome the return of the light (methaphorically and physically). We are also in the last days of this year of 2009. I am sure that many of you, like me, have mixed feelings about 2009. It has been a difficult and challenging year but thankfully punctuated with good things and high spots too. So as we cruise towards it’s end, it might be a good idea to remind ourselves of what was good about this year. And you know even, the trauma of recession and church scandals are fulfilling an important purpose in allowing a cleansing and detox take place. Our world may be moving towards getting rid of inequality of wealth, greed and injustice during this period of collapse of banking and financial institutions. And I am not for one moment trivialising the loss of other jobs, collateral damage as it were, in this painful process. But I am merely making the point that at the end of this process we may all be better off in ways it is hard to imagine now.

The church is also going to continue its painful period of being cleansed of bullying, secrecy, abuse and rigid control. I am proud that Ireland may well turn out to be the country that leads this re-examination of the Catholic Church. In my heart I hope that we can all return to the values that Jesus taught and leave the bullshit behind us. Then the thousands of children who suffered at the hands of these men of God, will not have suffered in vain. At the moment I am constantly reminded of Jesus’s words “suffer little children, forbid them not to come unto me for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” It may well be that these children are going to be remembered and honoured, as through their bravery as adults they began this important process of change.

So it is with optimism that I head gladly towards the end of this year. 2010 will be better, I am sure.

Finally, I want to thank you! I set up this blog in March, on a wave of enthusiasm after attending a brilliant Inkwell Writers workshop led by the wonderful Beth Morrissey. Since then I have posted all sorts of bits and pieces and more recently have set up my second blog, My Word Songs, which is dedicated to my writing. I have discovered a whole new virtual world, made some new friends (whom I have never met) and have so enjoyed reading your comments. So thank you – for checking in, for leaving comments, and for being new friends.

Nollaig Shona go leir agus here’s to 2010 – lets hope it brings us all an abundance of all that is good!