Thanks so much to Ann over at Inkpots ‘n Quills for my first award here at From My Kitchen Table!

In order to accept this award, I have to share 10 Honest Things about myself and then pass it on to ten more blogs.

So here goes with Ten (Honest) Things About Moi!

1. I hate fish. All fish, including those hiding in shells. I hate how they taste, how they look and how the smell! If you are ever invited to dinner chez moi, you can be assured you will never get anything that came from water to eat!

2. I love Owls. I want one.

3. I hate perfume and other artificial smells.

4. I love America and Americans (big generalisation, I know). I would love to go back this year for holidays, The Carolinas are calling me. We will see what happens.

5. I hate dishonesty. So you can rest assured that all this riveting information is absolutely true.

6. I believe in Angels.

7. I hate surprises (shhhh, but think I might be a bit of a control freak).

8. I live baking in the afternoon.

9. I hate being driven. (See surprises). I will drive, thanks.

10. I think I may have been Spanish or Italian in a former life, because I feel very at home in both countries.

Now for the hard bit: Ten Wonderful Blogs….

I pass this award on to:

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And I know that is 9… but 9 good ones!