You would really just have to laugh. You don’t need to be a photographer’s wife (like me) or be an expert at digital manipulation (on the computer.. you know Photoshop or similar) in order to see just how effective computer enhancements can be! If you live in Ireland – either in rural or urban Ireland – your environment is no doubt staining under the weight of literally thousands of election posters right now.

‘Posters’ is probably an overstatement. Advertising posters are often clever, imaginative and thought provoking. The only thoughts that are provoked by a forest of grinning faces beaming from every lampost are:
1. What do these poor politicians think they are achieving by smirking down on the electorate?
2. Why don’t they employ someone with some imagination to be a bit creative with their posters?
3. Are they worth the money they clearly spend on this rubbish?

But the best craic is when you come fact to face with one of these politicians in the flesh! And you realise that perhaps they had been a bit creative after all… they clearly all employ someone with great skill at digital manipulation. Cos when you meet them, they invariably bear little resemblance to their lamp post image! The first disappointment in a long line of many, no doubt!

Politicians – grow up! These posters achieve nothing except to block the view of traffic lights, create plenty of litter and are mildly un-nerving! But I do look forward to meeting you on my doorstop and seeing if I can guess who you are?